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Aguardente Bagaceira Terras Del Rei Velha 70Cl.

Taking up a tradition of the house they launched this bagaceiraI with fruity aromas, soft and persistent taste.

13.50 / bottle(s) *
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Brandy Bagaceira Velha Balseirinha 70Cl.

Crafted from fresh pomace of Baga, carefully selected and carefully distilled in traditional alembic.

39.50 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Caves S.Joao 50Cl.

Color intense topaz. Limpid aspect. Aroma very rich and intense, with notes of alcohol, fresh pomace, resins and menthol.

22.50 / bottle(s) *
In stock

Brandy Bagaceira Velha Quinta S.Francisco 70Cl.

Golden brown colour. Aroma very delicate and complex. Strong presence in the mouth, silky entry to a full body.

26.50 / bottle(s) *
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Brandy Bagaceira Velha Rodriguinha 50Cl.

Golden color. Characteristic aroma of good quality pomace distillation, aged in casks of carvalho.

22.00 / bottle(s) *
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Brandy Bagaceira Velha Valle Pradrinhos 70Cl.

Bright, golden color with amber reflections. A fine and elegant aroma, in which the characteristic fruit well involved.

47.50 / bottle(s) *
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Brandy Bagaceira Velha Vila D'Urca 50Cl.

Full-bodied, with a penetrating aroma of bagasse, softened by long years of aging in oak casks, this old grape is of high quality.

26.00 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Borlido Reserva Extra 70Cl. Wood case

Our perseverance and forgetfulness in the cellars were offset by obtaining a brandy with a soft flavor.

65.00 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Borlido Vinica Velha 70Cl.

This spirit is an old and traditional product of this Borlido caves derived from the distillation by the "Charante".

25.00 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Cachaca 51 70Cl.

Cachaça is a typical distillate from Brazil, made from the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice.

10.95 / bottle(s) *
In stock

Brandy Cachaca 51 Black 70Cl.

A unique and innovative drink, black color and distinctive flavor. Black 51 has been specially developed to meet young people.

10.35 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Cachaca Pitu 70Cl.

It is transparent and has a strong,light and fruity taste and an alcohol content of 40% ABV.

9.65 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Cachaca Velho Barreiro 0,7Dl

Velho Barreiro is recognized throughout the country as a pure and auteêntica rum. Since the harvesting of sugar cane.

10.45 / bottle(s) *

Aguardente Cachaca Velho Barreiro Gold 70Cl.

Cachaça Velho Barreiro is known as one of the most traditional cachaça in Brazil with international distinction.

13.95 / bottle(s) *
In stock

Brandy Cana Garajau 1L.C/Cana Madeira

It is obtained from the distillation of sugar cane juice of sugarcane fermented (agricultural rum).

23.00 / bottle(s) *

BrandyCetum Cellas 15 Years 35Cl. C/Tubo

Garnet red color. Dry fruits and vanilla aromas. Round and well structured persistent finish.

32.50 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Espirito Reserva 50Cl.

Topaz color. Aroma Muscat, wood, nuts. Palate Fruity, dried fruit. Long and persistent end. Aged between 40 to 50 years in used oak wood.

33.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Figo Phigus 70Cl.

Produced from the fermentation of fig, colorless, has a characteristic aroma and flavor of the fruit itself.

13.95 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Alexander Bianca 70Cl

Transparent and crystal-clear colour. Fresh and especially exotic fruit, apples and pears, with hints of wild flowers.

25.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Alexander Platinum 70Cl

Color, transparent and crystalline appearance. Typical, intense, with spicy nuances. Mild flavor, dry, persistent.

44.75 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Amaro Nonino C/Ervas 70Cl.

Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs ennobled by Nonino Grape Distillate,
aged in barriques.

24.50 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Di Barbera Velha Bersano 50Cl.

Distilled copper boilers. Aged for 10-12 months. Complex, with notes of vanilla and fruits of the forest.

39.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Di Chianti 70Cl.

Produced with selected grape pomace of Chianti grapes choices carefully and distilled according to ancient traditions.

26.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Di Gavi Bersano 50Cl.

Limpid, transparent colour. Elegant and very aromatic. Soft taste and hints of fresh flowers.  Balanced with a long finish.

29.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Envelhecida Bottega Maestri Cx. 70Cl.

Aroma of dried fruit, vanilla, and spices. Attractive, round and silky. Spicy and wood fragrance in the finish.

82.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Moscato Bric Del Gain 70Cl.

Amber colour. Complex, rounded, with great personality. Wonderful concert of different sensations.

89.00 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Grappa Nardelli 70Cl.

Nardelli Grappa is the fruit of the traditional steam distillation of selected  fresh marc from moscato grapes in the Piemonte region.

16.50 / bottle(s) *
In stock

Grappa Prosecco Nonino 70Cl.

Elegant, fresh and light , it has a veinof sweetness which recalls the delicate scent of flowers.

39.85 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Kirsch Iganis Beverland 70Cl.

Kirsch is a brandy made from cherries carefully selected alpine giving it a characteristic aroma, delicate and powerful.

14.85 / bottle(s) *

Brandy Marc Champanhe Demoiselle 70Cl.

Marc de Champagne is a traditional French brandy obtained through grapes from the Champagne area.

27.50 / bottle(s) *
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31 - 60 of 3288 results