Gin Azor Dry 70Cl

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AZOR London Dry Gin is subject to 1 collective distillation of its 9 botanists of its constitution, including juniper, angelica root, cardomomo, lemon, coriander and ginger, distilled in mainland Portugal. The development of this product took about a year due to the special care and rigor in the selection of the different spices used in its distillation. Such care is due to the choice of your distillation process. This gin is characterized by its distillation process where all its botanicals are distilled together and in direct contact with alcohol. After this process, the distillate is not changed. In AZOR London Dry Gin the predominant flavor is juniper due to the amount used (80%). The AZOR London Dry Gin tonic can be served in many ways, through complements and spices it can make it drier or more citrus.

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Country / Region PORTUGAL
Grau 40

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