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The Goldlys Distillers Range continues with an Oloroso cask-finished Belgian double still whisky.

47.75 / bottle(s) *

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Creamy vanilla and tangy orange, joined by rounded malt and buttery biscuit. Coffee bean, orange again and a slightly floral.

39.50 / bottle(s) *

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Golden yellow color shows clearly confidant licorice-bourbon notes with almost perfect bittersweet balance.

42.00 / bottle(s) *

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The Demerara sugars give off a whiff of sweet fragrances, with a hint of cinnamon, dash of honey and faint spices. 

49.50 / bottle(s) *

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Golden amber colour.  Reminds me of gin or hoppy Indian Pale Ale. Dry grape notes with hints of lime start the show.

57.50 / bottle(s) *

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The nose is drawn to hints of citrus, lemon and orange, while the palate is in receipt of a vanilla sweetness. 

47.50 / bottle(s) *

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Amber and gold colour. Eddu Grey Rock develops delicate vanilla oak notes and broom flower scents. 

36.50 / bottle(s) *

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