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Aroma of dried fruit, vanilla, and spices. Attractive, round and silky. Spicy and wood fragrance in the finish.

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Transparent and crystal-clear colour. Fresh and especially exotic fruit, apples and pears, with hints of wild flowers.

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Color, transparent and crystalline appearance. Typical, intense, with spicy nuances. Mild flavor, dry, persistent.

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Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs ennobled by Nonino Grape Distillate,
aged in barriques.

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Distilled copper boilers. Aged for 10-12 months. Complex, with notes of vanilla and fruits of the forest.

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Produced with selected grape pomace of Chianti grapes choices carefully and distilled according to ancient traditions.

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Limpid, transparent colour. Elegant and very aromatic. Soft taste and hints of fresh flowers.  Balanced with a long finish.

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Amber colour. Complex, rounded, with great personality. Wonderful concert of different sensations.

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Nardelli Grappa is the fruit of the traditional steam distillation of selected  fresh marc from moscato grapes in the Piemonte region.

16.50 / bottle(s) *

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Elegant, fresh and light , it has a veinof sweetness which recalls the delicate scent of flowers.

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It is produced in vapour stream continuous distillation with the classical double distillation system of the fragrant Brunello pomace. 

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