Brandy Made Of Fruits

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Delicate but bold, elegant yet robust flavor, berry brandy offers a sweet aroma combined with an intense taste.

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Brownish color with intense aroma. Distilled in still using traditional methods and aged in oak casks.

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Delicate but bold, elegant yet robust flavor, brandy arbutus St. Barnabas offers a sweet aroma.

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Clear, bright gold. Fresh apples, highly aromatic. Lively apple character, hearty and warming.

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Calvados Berneroy XO is the oldest calvados in the range, rich with complex flavours and a long, memorable finish.

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A smooth and rounded flavour with a trace of grilled almonds and apple sugar, reminiscent of its origins. 

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Kirsch is a brandy made from carefully selected alpine cherries that give it a characteristic, delicate and powerful aroma.

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Refined palate with a subtle raspberry flavor. It is produced through a process of double distillation of fruit juice.

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The berry brandy is a traditional fruit brandy made from the fruit of the strawberry tree typical Algarvian mountains in Portugal.

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The medronho brandy is a traditional fruit brandy made from the fruit of the typical arbutus of the Algarve mountains in Portugal.

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As a digestif, chilled, in a long drink, with tonic water or grapefruit juice. In a cocktail or a shot, in a dessert.

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