Whisky Johnnie Walker White Walker Game of Thrones 70Cl.

The Scotch has notes of caramelised sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit and features Single Malts.

44.50 / bottle(s) *
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White Wine Argilla 75Cl

The white wine argilla is produced in Herdade da Anta de Cima, Montargil, with Alvarinho, Verdelho and Viosinho grapes.

5.95 / bottle(s) *

Red Wine Selores Milagre Reserve 75Cl.

On the nose, elegant with notes of wild berries and black cherries in balance with the seductive somewhat licorice scent.

7.70 / bottle(s) *
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Red Wine Quinta Do Rol Pinot Noir 75Cl.

Aroma fruity, floral, spicy, earthty, whit the wood perfectly integrated. Full bodie, velvety with long and persistent ending.

15.50 / bottle(s) *
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Liquor Frangelico 70Cl.

Clear pale gold color. Intense hazelnut aromas. Rich texture. Pronounced but delicate hazelnut flavour. 

16.40 / bottle(s) *
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Red Wine Quinta Brejinho da Costa Colheita 75cl

With limpid and shining aspect, it presents a beautiful energetic violet tonality, extraordinarily appealing and penetrating.

3.95 / bottle(s) *
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Muscat Purple Bacalhoa 5 Years 75Cl.

This wine presents a dark topaze colour, a complex, rich and intense aroma with floral dashes of orange tree and roses.

11.50 / bottle(s) *
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Whisky Jameson Round The Deconstructed Series 1L.

Everything in prefect harmony. Exceptionally long, as the richness fades to leave the last word with the Wood.

63.00 / bottle(s) *
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Rose Wine Quinta da Boa Esperança 75Cl.

A rosé wine with a slight salmon color, with fine and delicate aromas. Fresh, structured, intense, with a very longstanding finish.

6.75 / bottle(s) *
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