Port Wine Barros Vintage 1995 75Cl.

Dense and appealing ruby color. Great sensuality nose, black fruit flavors, fragrant notes of violet and jam.

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Port Wine Kopke Vintage 1999 75Cl.

Deep purple color, has a nose marked by wild fruit and light cocoa notes. The palate is robust and full.

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Port Wine Taylors Vintage 2007 75Cl.

On the palate it displays the lean, sinewy and tightly knit tannins which are so much a feature of the Taylor style.

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Port Wine Ferreira Vintage 2000 75Cl.

This wine is the deepest crimson, almost opaque in colour. It displays great intensity and harmony on the nose.

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Rum Diplomático Planas 70Cl

Transparent and clear. Fresh and tropical aromas like ground coffee and coconut. Slightly fruity with creamy flavors.

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Rum Diplomático Mantuano 70Cl

Dark golden colour. Opening aroma of dried fruits (plums), oak and a delicate spiciness. Complex and well-balanced

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Rum El Ron Prohibido Reserva 15 Anos 70Cl

Dark brown with a touch of red. The frist scent is sweet with great intensity of dry fruits, raisins, and prunes.

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Whisky Jameson The Blender's Dog Makers Series 70cl.

The Blender’s Dog is a whiskey that celebrates his craft the art of marrying whiskeys. A superbly balanced and complex.

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Whisky Jura Journey Malt 70Cl.

Softly smoky, with citrus and orchard-fruit notes. A great place to start your exploration of Jura. 

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